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Hi, I'm Kristy Jo.
I teach women how to build and apply mindset strategies to help them live a life of more love, value, and service. I, myself, have a physical challenge of severe scoliosis, but I power myself up to go out and continue my passions with a mindset of positivity through pain.

Power Your Life Today is the mindset platform of my main  company, Body Buddies, where I teach nutrition and fitness strategies to help women power their bodies and operate in their highest capacity and confidence.

Powerful women are needed more than ever in today's society--not as a threat to men, but as a complement. When we as women stand in our power to achieve our happiest, healthiest selves, everyone around us benefits as well.
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Kristy P., Utah

"I want to thank you for your Power Your Life Today podcasts. They have helped me out of a very dark spot. I have listened to most of them more than once. I feel like my mind is lighter and stronger. I really can't say it enough . . . thank you SO much!"
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